Zitat: "Der Sinn des Reisens ist, an ein Ziel zu kommen, der Sinn des Wanderns, unterwegs zu sein." (Theodor Heuss)

Space ... Time ... Travel

In the 4th exhibition I show four digital photographs shot in Belgium at the Liège-Guillemins railway station and printed in color and matte black & white on fine art paper.

'Space' in a higher resolution
Space, 2015
'Wale' in a higher resolution
Wale, 2015
'Level 1' in a higher resolution
Level 1, 2015
'Travel' in a higher resolution
Travel, 2015

The four images show huge white spaces, futuristic architecture, futuristic “alien constructed” structures and people traveling, running and waiting.

Thanks to the "DISTRICT SUD-EST – Relations Publiques" for the permission for publishing.


Time and location of this exhibition in the physical world can be found in the exhibition TIMELINE.