Zitat: "In der kleinen Welt, in welcher Kinder leben, gibt es nichts, dass so deutlich von ihnen erkannt und gefühlt wird, als Ungerechtigkeit." (Charles Dickens)

Sharpness and Blurriness

In the 7th exhibition I show three images shot in the years 2013 / 2014 in “Pier †2014” a village that vanished completely in 2014 because of the brown coal open-cast mining ‘Braunkohletagebau Inden’.

'goodbye MMXIV I' in a higher resolution
goodbye MMXIV I, 2014
'goodbye MMXIV II' in a higher resolution
goodbye MMXIV II, 2014
'goodbye MMXIV III' in a higher resolution
goodbye MMXIV III, 2014

A few videos are available on RTL west showing the old 'Pier (Inden)' and the 'new' Pier (Langerwehe):

ADVICE: Don’t waste energy - Save energy

  • Switch off none necessary devices
  • Slice your bread with a knife, don’t use an electric bread cutter
  • Shop your vegetable with a knife and not with a machine
  • Switch off your handy and / or smartphone more often or leave it at home
  • Use a toothbrush without battery
  • Use a bike without battery


Time and location of this exhibition in the physical world can be found in the exhibition TIMELINE.